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annotation chr start end size in kb UCSC zoom out 3x UCSC zoom out 10x
1breakpoint 1 97918306 97928307 10 chr1:97908305-97938307 chr1:97873301-97973311
1breakpoint 2 15902912 15938544 35 chr2:15867280-15974176 chr2:15742568-16098888
1breakpoint 2 16419276 16432924 13 chr2:16405628-16446572 chr2:16357860-16494340
1breakpoint 5 31069613 31089349 19 chr5:31049877-31109085 chr5:30980801-31178161
1breakpoint 17 42570346 42679220 108 chr17:42461472-42788094 chr17:42080413-43169153
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