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annotation chr start end size in kb UCSC zoom out 3x UCSC zoom out 10x
1breakpoint 3 56362210 56372726 10 chr3:56351694-56383242 chr3:56314888-56420048
1breakpoint 5 39430811 39437999 7 chr5:39423623-39445187 chr5:39398465-39470345
1breakpoint 7 89798421 89823789 25 chr7:89773053-89849157 chr7:89684265-89937945
1breakpoint 11 70430887 70458848 27 chr11:70402926-70486808 chr11:70305062-70584672
1breakpoint 17 36410559 36425336 14 chr17:36395782-36440112 chr17:36344062-36491832
1breakpoint X 2711429 2716346 4 chrX:2706512-2721262 chrX:2689302-2738472
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