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annotation chr start end size in kb UCSC zoom out 3x UCSC zoom out 10x
1breakpoint 8 3684199 3687399 3 chr8:3680999-3690599 chr8:3669799-3701799
gain 8 3685799 5951165 2265 chr8:1420433-8216531 chr8:1-16145312
1breakpoint 8 5950845 5951485 0 chr8:5950205-5952125 chr8:5947965-5954365
1breakpoint 17 32214712 32232555 17 chr17:32196869-32250397 chr17:32134418-32312848
gain 17 32223633 81006629 48782 chr17:1-129789625 chr17:1-300530111
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