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Before clicking the UCSC links below, make sure to

annotation chr start end size in kb UCSC zoom out 3x UCSC zoom out 10x
1breakpoint 3 93974928 93997409 22 chr3:93952447-94019889 chr3:93873763-94098573
1breakpoint 7 83348737 83351823 3 chr7:83345651-83354909 chr7:83334850-83365710
1breakpoint 19 14375198 14451948 76 chr19:14298448-14528698 chr19:14029823-14797323
1breakpoint 19 24503985 27960006 3456 chr19:21047964-31416026 chr19:8951890-43512100
1breakpoint 22 26584159 26590622 6 chr22:26577696-26597084 chr22:26555075-26619705
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