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annotation chr start end size in kb UCSC zoom out 3x UCSC zoom out 10x
1breakpoint 17 72547434 72548037 0 chr17:72546831-72548639 chr17:72544720-72550750
1breakpoint 17 72548037 72548117 0 chr17:72547957-72548197 chr17:72547677-72548477
1breakpoint 19 32006115 32006706 0 chr19:32005524-32007296 chr19:32003455-32009365
1breakpoint 19 32006706 32021592 14 chr19:31991820-32036478 chr19:31939719-32088579
1breakpoint X 2690827 2703633 12 chrX:2678021-2716439 chrX:2633200-2761260
1breakpoint X 49440249 49486929 46 chrX:49393569-49533609 chrX:49230189-49696989
1breakpoint X 49486929 49555874 68 chrX:49417984-49624818 chrX:49176676-49866126
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